Motor City Iron Gym

Why should I join?

Motor City Iron Gym is an elite training facility for those who are serious about their goals. We ensure each member gets the most out of their valuable time by limiting our total number of members. We aim to make you feel like family, and like family, we'll push you to reach your full potential. Once you're in our amazing environment, you won't want to leave.

Come join our family and become the best version of yourself.

Recent Reviews

Bradly L. on Dec 13

"The only gym in the area that offers that old school non-corporate gym atmosphere."

Steven H. on Nov 3

"This gym is changing my whole world. Every single time I come, I buy a scoop of the most amazing protein I've ever had. When I'm here, something happens where you just feel like family. It's the best place -- words can't describe."

Tony H. on Oct 26

"As an illegal immigrant from another country, Motor City Iron Gym staff members welcomed me with open arms. They have an amazing atmosphere and I've never been discriminated against due to my immigration status. I would highly recommend this gym over any of the gyms in the area! 5 star service!"


  • 1 x Unisex shower
  • 1 x Unisex bathroom
  • Fridge
  • Microwave

Equipment List

  • Power racks
  • 3 x Flat back bench presses
  • 1 x incline bench press
  • 1 x seated military press
  • Dumbbells 5-120 lbs
  • Bulldog squat bar
  • Texas deadlift bar
  • Power bars
  • All purpose bars
  • Safety squat bar
  • Trap/hex bar
  • Belt squat plate loaded machine
  • Chest supported multi grip row
  • T-bar row
  • Weight plates 5-100 lbs
  • Resistance bands
  • 0-90 bench
  • Flat bench
  • Incline bench
  • Low back bench
  • Seated preacher curl
  • Standing preacher curl
  • Vertical knee raise / dip station
  • 2 x Ellipticals
  • 2 x Fan bikes
  • Functional trainer cable
  • Crossover
  • High pulley lay pull down
  • 2 x Plate loaded leg presses
  • Seated leg curl plate loaded
  • Seated plate loaded calf raise
  • 12-piece machine circuit
    1. Standing calf raise
    2. Leg extension
    3. Chest press
    4. Incline press
    5. Seated chest supported row
    6. Low pulley row
    7. Leg adductor/abductor
    8. Tricep press down
    9. Lay pulls own
    10. Chest fly
    11. Shoulder press
    12. Lateral raise

About us


Monday - Sunday — 24 hours


8200 Irving Rd
Sterling Heights, Michigan 48312